So I have not been able to access my site for about a week, given or take. There were times that I was able to access it for a little bit but then it would crash again. I am under the assumption that everything has been sorted out, on my friend’s end of the string. Like I said in another blog post, I thought about moving my site to another host, but my friend said it was the first time that they have experienced such down time in the years they’ve had the service. I want to give the benefit of the doubt, especially since he has been helpful and all.

I have been thinking about the direction of this blog, as I always do, and I want to do more with it besides just informational posts. I don’t want a new-comer to see posts about X thing then the majority be about how my day was, how I feel, etc. I’m sorry if I am repeating myself, which I feel like I am. The was the theoretical goal with the blog; to be the best of both worlds. I certainly don’t feel like I need all the categories that I have right now, as I can lump them into “personal entries” and “information about” sections. It would be annoying to goto another category and see a personal entry VS information.

This is just a small little progress report, as I have not written in a few days due to the site being down. I was so depressed that I shut down. I know I made a similar post but it was about an identity crisis, which by the way, I did cut my hair! I will display pictures.



Photo by Alexander Lam on Unsplash

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