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So it’s just been a crazy journey for me. I know that I made a post regarding the meds that I am on, but I would like to revisit it. I was on Zyprexa before, but I stopped taking it. Mainly because of the way that it was making me feel. Although, I could have been just jumping to conclusions. I was pushed up to 10mg when I decided to stop. I just could not get a blink of sleep, as it gave me restless legs.

Well, there happened to be some events that happened, which pushed me into getting back on some type of medication. I’d go into the reasons, but that can be saved for another day. I just needed to have some more help within my mental health. Therapy….well….that’s another story too. Basically, I need a therapist. I didn’t quit therapy, just for the record.

Anyways, I started Zyprexa about 3 days ago. I have noticed that my thoughts are not as crazy. I am sleeping a lot better, yet, I want to sleep the day away. This is difficult, as I have to be up at 5am for work. Then, I take a few hours to get out of the fog, that the meds put me in. Hard to explain to people, actually, so I just lie and tell them I’m just tired.

I just wanted to give a small update, as to what I am doing. I still want to write, and this may increase, in fact! I can’t give details but I was recognized for my writing, which can be leading to something amazing! A really good friend told me this, a few days ago, and it was amazing to here! Here, I thought I was just, meh okay. Apparently I have great writing skills, and that my work speaks for itself. More on that, in the future too!

So now, I have to shuffle around a few things! I think I will start an actual spreadsheet of topics to discuss, what I mention on writing, etc etc. I feel like I am going to need to start being more professional with all of my writing now. Exciting times are coming! Oh, I think I mentioned this in another post, that I actually did a fair bit of writing for this friend. So he knows my style of writing, and really loves what I brought to the table! I’m hopeful for everything the future holds for me! Hopefully y’all stick with me. I should commit to more posts, on the daily.

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