Texting A Crisis Hotline

I was afraid to text the crisis line, as I did not know what to fully expect. I had a friend tell me that they are there to help you out, and do not judge you at all. It’s certainly not just for people who are on the ledge, so to speak. If you have a problem that is stressing you out, you can surely text them about it.

You start by texting 741741 and then “hello” or “start”. After which, they will send two texts. One consists of a survey, which you really don’t have to do. The other text is asking you about the current crisis at hand. I will stay that I was advised that I could summary our conversation, as they are all about being anonymous. Makes sense, and I shouldn’t have thought I could have just dumped the whole conversation in a blog post.

Obviously my issue was dealing with the fact that I have to deal with an old ex, and that management does not give me the proper respect when it comes to my condition. I have written about it, so there is no need to repeat it. The main issues I wanted resolved was to: not work with the ex, and to be transferred to a store, where I can make more money and be used to my highest potential.

My counselor was very understanding of my issues and listened to me about what I had to say. I expressed that, since of my BPD self harm behaviors, I was being held back, which is not a lie. Immediately, I was asked if I was suicidal. That’s how much they care, because they really don’t know what state of mind I could have been in.

They also agreed that the company is not educated when it comes to mental health, and that they loved my idea of having a blog, to post my life events. It can help others, especially if they are in the same situation, or field as me. (I am using “they” because being in group has taught me to be neutral and not assume gender.)

After briefly talking about the blog, and how it will help others, they then asked for a “call of action”. What can I do NOW, to make this current situation work in my favor. This is where, for me, they do not baby you with the answer. Sometimes my therapist DOES need to do this, but I was in a very logical state of mind. After I gave them a “first step” into helping my problem, they asked for a follow-up to this. No getting off the hook with a simple answer.

They asked what I plan on adding onto my request , in terms of details. Which for me was: to stay in my current position, ask for a raise and try moving up, in a new environment. All throughout the conversation, which was a total of about an hour, they made sure to constantly give me positive reassurance! They loved the fact that I was honest with them. They also see things within you, that you cannot see. Quote “Your perseverance is completely astonishing. Truly, you sound like a hard-working and dedicated person.”

So in conclusion, I had a great experience, tonight! If you are nervous about texting, don’t be. They are so professional and reassuring! Do know though, if you say you’re in immediate crisis, they can break confidentiality and get you the medical help you need. Just be honest!

You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 24/7 at 1-800-273-8255.

You can reach the Crisis Text Line 24/7 by texting “START” to 741-741.

You can call The Trevor Project, an LGBT crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline, 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386.

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  1. I knew this was an option but I’ve never tried it. Thank you for sharing your experience. I plan to keep the number handy for times of crisis.

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