New Direction

Thoughts are going around like a whirlwind. Everything seems like it is in a bind. Although I know everything will be fine. I have the opportunity to start fresh. It will be a test. A test of everything that I know. But it will be a chance to grow. To highlight the strengths that I've... Continue Reading →


So I can't remember what year, but I have been modifying my phones since 2010. That might actually be the year, as I started with the Droid X, which was released 2010. I understand people don't do it, just because, and I respect that. For me though, it opened up a whole new world. Rooting... Continue Reading →

Money Woes

I'd like to talk about the stresses of living paycheck to paycheck. The twist here is, the mental health aspect. People may not understand how it's different from somebody without such aliments. For me, it drives up my anxiety, fear of losing everything and being a failure. I mean, I am certainly sure that other... Continue Reading →

Sailing Alone

I miss every single aspect of you. It eats away at my soul, and makes me feel blue. We used to have such a great connection. Now all I have are these reflections. Talking until the morning light. Conversations always lasted while past the night. You were the stability that I needed. You gave me... Continue Reading →


It comes in waves. It'll knock you down at any given time. It'll make you feel on top of the world. It has no special preference. It can help you understand about decisions you've made to teach you a lesson. It leaves it's mark and gets the point across. So what is IT?   IT... Continue Reading →

Minor stress

I haven't posted in a few days because I haven't really felt well, and my stress levels have been through a bit of a roller coaster type of ride. There have been some work related issues that I have been thinking about, which are going to predetermine my overall status within the company. I haven't... Continue Reading →


I am trying my best to figure out a plan on how to get out of the current job that I'm in, or to get a transfer to Bucks County. If I can get a transfer, I don't see how it could be so difficult to make things work better in my favor. Sure, I... Continue Reading →

Lose of a Favorite Person

So today I would like to talk more about the “Favorite Person” aspect of BPD. Since this blog is not by a “professional”, I can only give y'all my thoughts. There's your disclaimer, folks! Losing a FP is a serious ordeal for anybody with BPD. We cling to these individuals for emotion support, validation and... Continue Reading →

Important Notice!!

Hello, my beautiful loves!    I just want to make a quick announcement that I am switching sites!! I did plan to do this from the beginning, but I was waiting for a friend to hook me up to his server. I moved all of my blog entries (and hopefully all the stats) to the... Continue Reading →


I can't help but to stare. Stare so blankly at the person in the mirror. It doesn't look like a familiar soul. It's an image that is so cold. My eyes start to blur and completely lose focus. I'm completely broken. Tears cloud my vision, As there certainly is a collision..... Of mind,body and presence.... Continue Reading →

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