New Meds

I feel like I need to write something, so that I feel like I have accomplished something with my day. I am going to take about my switch of medications, and how it has effected me. I have only taken it for about a month, so take that into account, please. I was on a... Continue Reading →

Dark Thoughts

This morning, during my overnight shift, I felt extremely horrible. To preface the emotions that follow, this was all caused by a parking ticket. This being the second time, during a sporting event. I have a valid permit, but I feel that since our home team is in the playoffs, the city wants to make... Continue Reading →

Terrible Day

I'm having a really tough day today. It has been filled with just pure sadness and some BPD rage outbursts. This whole centralized around my work day, but I'm sure it will carry into the night. It started out by a coworker coming in and getting more hours then me. I have more seniority over... Continue Reading →

Important Notice!!

Hello, my beautiful loves!    I just want to make a quick announcement that I am switching sites!! I did plan to do this from the beginning, but I was waiting for a friend to hook me up to his server. I moved all of my blog entries (and hopefully all the stats) to the... Continue Reading →

Favorite Person (In my words)

The topic of discussion will be about having a “Favorite Person” or FP for short. Below is a description that I found, and I will elaborate my own thoughts on this topic. “The term "Favorite Person" is not used to describe a person who is close to you, like a "best friend". Rather, an FP... Continue Reading →

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