New Meds

I feel like I need to write something, so that I feel like I have accomplished something with my day. I am going to take about my switch of medications, and how it has effected me. I have only taken it for about a month, so take that into account, please. I was on a... Continue Reading →


Situations, ahh the situations. I have been trying to really dig my heels into a position at work, but it is not working in my favor. I want to move up, and to get a raise. I have to become a department manager to do so. I have asked several times if I can move... Continue Reading →

Med changes and mood swings

Hello friends! Today marks about a week and a half that I have been taken off Depakote. It's used for certain psychiatric conditions, such as manic phases of bi-polar. At first, I was rather mad at the doctor''s decision to just abruptly take me off, ALTHOUGH it was my decision. I just was really afraid... Continue Reading →


I wrote a short post on my Facebook about my “complaining”, if you will. I have been feeling a lot of emotions as of late, and I really don't know what to do with myself. I wanted to write in my journal but did not have the energy to. I wanted to blog about it... Continue Reading →


I haven't really felt too well lately, in the realm of mental health. What else is new, right? The stresses of work have hit a point where I can only walk around in a complete blank state.With the lovely thoughts of having another meeting, which will result in nothing, are a joy to even think... Continue Reading →


It was not a great day at work, as I figured. I just can't help but to throw a massive pity party right now. As I posted on my Facebook: no job should make you feel so disheartened. I don't have the words to express how deeply I feel, but I sure can physically show... Continue Reading →

Blank Inside

I feel as though I have absolutely no emotions left for this current situation that is playing out. As somebody said to me today “is everything okay? You look like you're blank inside.” I guess that really is the perfect way to describe this situation then? I started this blog for personal reasons, to raise... Continue Reading →

Seeking Validation

Validation by definition: the action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something. For me, and I cannot speak for all BPD sufferers: I lacked this validation. I would do whatever I could do to find a way to seek any type of reassurance, in a positive, and sometimes, negative way. The blaming... Continue Reading →

Not Well

Yesterday, I was feeling fantastic about a lot of things that were going to happen within my life. Mainly being, the writing on these blog sites. I’m still absolutely thrilled about that, don’t get me wrong. But today, there is this shift in my energy, and I really can’t explain why I am feeling the... Continue Reading →

Never Ending Battle

Angrboda; the one that is the bringer of sorrow, whom is a demonic giant. I like to bring her up, on occasions, because she really is the driving force of the “downside” of my DX. I know not to use my diagnosis as a crutch, yet she can have such impact on my thought patterns.... Continue Reading →

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