Courtship Issues

So there is a topic of concern for me, which has to do with my abandonment issues, I am sure. It has to do with my ability, or lack thereof, wanting a relationship. I have to say that I really am somebody that does want to have a long lasting relationship, but it can be... Continue Reading →

Missing You

I was thinking about you last night. I noticed that you “liked” one of my posts on instagram, and a whole flood of emotions came crashing over me. I haven;'t talked to you in a few weeks now, and I really don't understand why. I guess you became a FP to me, but maybe a... Continue Reading →

Desire Haiku

Qualities so great. Beautiful soul,body and mind. I wish you were mine.


I dreamt of you last night. Your beauty captivated me. I couldn't help but to stare into your beautiful eyes. I ran my fingers through your soft long hair,as you smiled. We talked about the most senseless things. Never have I felt such a strong bond with another. But there is a problem..... I don't... Continue Reading →

Favorite Person (In my words)

The topic of discussion will be about having a “Favorite Person” or FP for short. Below is a description that I found, and I will elaborate my own thoughts on this topic. “The term "Favorite Person" is not used to describe a person who is close to you, like a "best friend". Rather, an FP... Continue Reading →

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