It's quite ironic that I have wanted to make a post about a lack of identity, and I keep seeing posts and videos about it. I know I have done a similar post but this one is a bit different, I guess. Lately, I have not been able to process my new change at all.... Continue Reading →

Not Well

Yesterday, I was feeling fantastic about a lot of things that were going to happen within my life. Mainly being, the writing on these blog sites. I’m still absolutely thrilled about that, don’t get me wrong. But today, there is this shift in my energy, and I really can’t explain why I am feeling the... Continue Reading →

Where’s My Place In Life?

I was digging through that same journal, and only found an entry regarding my place in life. I feel like my diagnosis will win in the very end, but I know that I am strong enough to fight that feeling off. I worry about the career choice that I have made, and how I can... Continue Reading →

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