Today has been a relevantly okay day. I had to work overnight, and that can be a breeding ground for my thoughts and feelings. I can have these thoughts that are so arresting to me, but I know I have the power to get away from them. As much as I would love to dwell... Continue Reading →

Previous Idea To Spread Awareness

So this is something that I wrote when I was in NYC,during the marathon. My plan was to hand this to somebody, whether it be on the train or out in public, but never had the guts to. I was in NYC with my sister,who ran the marathon, so we did a lot of walking,subway... Continue Reading →

About Anxiety

Tonight I will try my best to write about the tales of anxiety. I guess this one will be a challenge to do, since there could be a lot of information on it, or it could all lead into previous diagnoses that we may have. As you can tell, I really haven't gone into details... Continue Reading →


I am trying my best to figure out a plan on how to get out of the current job that I'm in, or to get a transfer to Bucks County. If I can get a transfer, I don't see how it could be so difficult to make things work better in my favor. Sure, I... Continue Reading →

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