Sailing Alone

I miss every single aspect of you. It eats away at my soul, and makes me feel blue. We used to have such a great connection. Now all I have are these reflections. Talking until the morning light. Conversations always lasted while past the night. You were the stability that I needed. You gave me... Continue Reading →


I wrote a short post on my Facebook about my “complaining”, if you will. I have been feeling a lot of emotions as of late, and I really don't know what to do with myself. I wanted to write in my journal but did not have the energy to. I wanted to blog about it... Continue Reading →

Courtship Issues

So there is a topic of concern for me, which has to do with my abandonment issues, I am sure. It has to do with my ability, or lack thereof, wanting a relationship. I have to say that I really am somebody that does want to have a long lasting relationship, but it can be... Continue Reading →

Meeting is over

There's just nothing to say about today. Just a lovely lesson well learned, of whom to actually trust. Words said, caused issues, which I understand. Things completely blurred. When it comes to this platform VS social media. I was told to “tone it down a little” when it comes to posting things on social media.... Continue Reading →

Blank Inside

I feel as though I have absolutely no emotions left for this current situation that is playing out. As somebody said to me today “is everything okay? You look like you're blank inside.” I guess that really is the perfect way to describe this situation then? I started this blog for personal reasons, to raise... Continue Reading →

Not Well

Yesterday, I was feeling fantastic about a lot of things that were going to happen within my life. Mainly being, the writing on these blog sites. I’m still absolutely thrilled about that, don’t get me wrong. But today, there is this shift in my energy, and I really can’t explain why I am feeling the... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry

I decided to unfriend coworkers from Facebook. It seems that my last post stirred up some backhanded posts, which okay, I can understand. Yet, I was explaining how I felt. I don't use my DX has a crutch because I have been like this for years and years. I properly got diagnosed last year? Or... Continue Reading →

Missing You

I was thinking about you last night. I noticed that you “liked” one of my posts on instagram, and a whole flood of emotions came crashing over me. I haven;'t talked to you in a few weeks now, and I really don't understand why. I guess you became a FP to me, but maybe a... Continue Reading →

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