The air seems a bit more crisp. The mind is a bit more at bliss. I feel a bit more alive and vibrant. Usually I would think, this time, can't.... Can't fathom such waves of calmness. Feeling the need to express the daily adventures taking place. This place, this space, this...THIS! I really don't ever... Continue Reading →

Small Changes

This was taken from my Facebook, yesterday: “So I had an impulse to go venture out to RittenHouse Square to grab some food (god damn expensive, mind you). I made some chit chat with a stranger and daringly did the "take a picture of your food" thing, alone. Yes, it's less awkward when you are... Continue Reading →

Exciting Opportunities

Certainly some exciting news, tonight! I have been talking to my friend who has let me use his server, to host my site, and he may have a writing job for me! Well, it will probably be along the lines of blogging, which I have been doing. Obviously, I am grateful for any opportunity that... Continue Reading →


Today has been a relevantly okay day. I had to work overnight, and that can be a breeding ground for my thoughts and feelings. I can have these thoughts that are so arresting to me, but I know I have the power to get away from them. As much as I would love to dwell... Continue Reading →


I am trying my best to figure out a plan on how to get out of the current job that I'm in, or to get a transfer to Bucks County. If I can get a transfer, I don't see how it could be so difficult to make things work better in my favor. Sure, I... Continue Reading →

Where’s My Place In Life?

I was digging through that same journal, and only found an entry regarding my place in life. I feel like my diagnosis will win in the very end, but I know that I am strong enough to fight that feeling off. I worry about the career choice that I have made, and how I can... Continue Reading →

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