Sailing Alone

I miss every single aspect of you. It eats away at my soul, and makes me feel blue. We used to have such a great connection. Now all I have are these reflections. Talking until the morning light. Conversations always lasted while past the night. You were the stability that I needed. You gave me... Continue Reading →


You’re the reason why trusting another human is impossible. Now all I have is this chronicle of disaster. Outsiders would assume you were a mate. But that’s not the case, because we didn’t date. You were a “favorite person’ who consumed some of my time. Oh, how I am so blind. My heart wanted to... Continue Reading →


I wrote a short post on my Facebook about my “complaining”, if you will. I have been feeling a lot of emotions as of late, and I really don't know what to do with myself. I wanted to write in my journal but did not have the energy to. I wanted to blog about it... Continue Reading →

Courtship Issues

So there is a topic of concern for me, which has to do with my abandonment issues, I am sure. It has to do with my ability, or lack thereof, wanting a relationship. I have to say that I really am somebody that does want to have a long lasting relationship, but it can be... Continue Reading →

Lose of a Favorite Person (Part II)

So this is an entry, of several, about the Favorite Person, that I lost, several years ago. I truly cannot get over her. I will stick to this entry, as it's not too long. I also do have other Favorite Person(s) to talk about, but this one is so strong. This is from the journal... Continue Reading →

Missing You

I was thinking about you last night. I noticed that you “liked” one of my posts on instagram, and a whole flood of emotions came crashing over me. I haven;'t talked to you in a few weeks now, and I really don't understand why. I guess you became a FP to me, but maybe a... Continue Reading →

BPD Mood Swings

The mood swings associated with Borderline Personality Disorder can be really intense. To state some symptoms, that I covered before, are as followed: "Intense anger that they [sic] have trouble controlling • Paranoid thoughts. • Extreme sensitivity to perceived rejection and abandonment. • Feelings of emptiness. • Inability to self-soothe. • Feeling dissociated from oneself,... Continue Reading →

BPD Trust

Over the years, I have been a little naive when it comes to the whole trusting aspect of people. I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Not everybody is out to get me, at least I hope not. Yet I always take this issue with a grain of salt! You see,... Continue Reading →

Lose of a Favorite Person

So today I would like to talk more about the “Favorite Person” aspect of BPD. Since this blog is not by a “professional”, I can only give y'all my thoughts. There's your disclaimer, folks! Losing a FP is a serious ordeal for anybody with BPD. We cling to these individuals for emotion support, validation and... Continue Reading →

Important Notice!!

Hello, my beautiful loves!    I just want to make a quick announcement that I am switching sites!! I did plan to do this from the beginning, but I was waiting for a friend to hook me up to his server. I moved all of my blog entries (and hopefully all the stats) to the... Continue Reading →

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