Stream of emotions

The noise within my head doesn’t like to stop.

It sounds like popcorn, pop pop pop……

Things are nice and quiet at first.

Then things suddenly like to burst!

Every emotions takes it’s turn to flood out.

I cannot stop this awful roundabout.

Yes, I might have my calm moments and blanks stares,

But I am still very aware….

Aware that the cycle will repeat again.

This really is not something that magically goes away.

All the emotions are constantly at play.

This has always be the case, for many years.

Lots of depressed nights, filled with tears.

Doesn’t mean I haven’t held happiness.

Felt the smile of bliss.

The sweet sunshine of laughter.

Those emotions are always chased after.

When I can pull myself from the wreckage of sorrow.

I know that tranquility is something I can always borrow.

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

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