Spectrum Awareness

Being on the Spectrum is not something that I talk about when it comes to my mental health. It’s not that I do not wish to speak about it, but something has come to light, that makes me feel the need to express it, and maybe dive a little bit about how it effects me. Now, I mention this trait because of situations that are happening in my life, which I had to come out with.


Here’s a little bit about Spectrum disorder, and where I fall in, which is ASD. I will copy and paste the facts and give credit to: https://www.additudemag.com/autism-spectrum-disorder-in-adults/


*Difficulty interpreting what others are thinking or feeling

*Trouble interpreting facial expressions, body language, or social cues

*Difficulty regulating emotion

*Trouble keeping up a conversation

*Inflection that does not reflect feelings

*Difficulty maintaining the natural give-and-take of a conversation; prone to monologues on a favorite subject

*Tendency to engage in repetitive or routine behaviors

*Only participates in a restricted range of activities

*Strict consistency to daily routines; outbursts when changes occur

*Deep knowledge of one particular topic, such as a certain branch of science or industry


Ahh, so, I was properly diagnosed with everything, a few years ago? I have a Facebook post but I do not feel like fishing for it. Speaking of Facebook, I always get in “trouble” for speaking on my mental health. I guess I am calling on the BoogeyMan! Or maybe Bloody Mary! Everybody, do tell me about what I post because I’ll forget!

So there are other weird quirks that I have, such as:

*Talking to myself

*Not being able to handle death. That’s a big one, and a social thingy. Like, I can’t really “feel” for it. Trust me, I couldn’t feel anything when my dad passed but it was a “I’m numb to this” feeling. It was an “well, how do I behave? I fake being sad? Help?

*Needing to eat at the same time, and the same thing!

*Making weird noises.

*Randomly laughing at jokes, especially when it’s not the “right time to do so.” IE: being serious at the moment!

*Switching my mood at the drop of a hat. Like finding the situation of being really pissed off, hilarious! Could be part of my mood cycling though, that bit.

*Can’t find anything of interest, OR keep that interest for long!


The list can go on and on, and like I said, I mention it because I wanna be vocal about every aspect of mental health. I struggle when it comes to work situations because communication can be a complete breakdown for me! You can tell me to do a simple “common sense” thing, and I will find some way to struggle. I can laugh about it because it’s so true, and difficult for me. That, or I will completely forget what you JUST told me. *shrugs shoulders*


So what exactly do I do? Constantly struggle on a daily basis. Before you say “well, everybody loves routine!”, just stop. I have a MELTDOWN if one little thing gets messed up in my little world. I’ve been on medication for my bipolar/ BPD and that doesn’t help, so no medication is used for the Spectrum stuff. Just going to keep on the fight, and be as transparent as possible!

If anybody at all would like to talk mental health with me, please feel free to comment. If you want me to share my story on your blog, I will do that too! Or If you want to share yours, just let me know! We can link up, you write out your blog entry and I will post it for you! Perhaps in the future, I will love to open the platform for all voices to be heard! You can even be anonymous about it too! You and I will know your story, as I have to post it for you (with no name), and that’s it! If I ever need to mention a story by an anonymous poster in the future, I will get your consent! Like, if I want to quote you, for example!


Well, have a great night or day!! Let’s make mental health a completely visible thing! We are not to be left in the dark! Turn your flashlight on, and shine away!!


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