Situations, ahh the situations. I have been trying to really dig my heels into a position at work, but it is not working in my favor. I want to move up, and to get a raise. I have to become a department manager to do so. I have asked several times if I can move up, over the years. It’s like, I am never “ready” for management. They’ll claim I am very intelligent though……

Every yearly review, I get a “meets expectations”. I mean, I know there are some issues I have, but sometimes it can be tied into the whole mental health aspect. Examples: not accepting changes and “calling out or leaving early without a proper reason.”

So when I say to they that I don’t feel good because of my meds, that’s not valid? Or that I recently increased my dose and feel it’s best I’m home. OR that I don’t feel safe at work and need to be home?

Safe can mean several things, that do not mean that I am in danger of harming myself or others. There’s plenty of times that I really do need to just be home. It’s valid and it is documented of my condition. I honestly don’t even need to tell them why I want to leave and go home early.

It’s exhausting, and I just feel completely defeated. I don’t even feel like writing because it’s just pointless too. Let’s talk about how work constantly passes me by.

I really think I need to cut my loses there, pack up my shit and leave. Once and for good…… This area of my life is completely and utterly toxic, which is preventing me from recovering (mental health.)


Photo by Tao Wen on Unsplash

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