I am really not sure how I am feeling today. It’s been a bit of a mild day, so far. I have been feeling content for the most part when it comes to my work day. Yet, I can get so irritated during the day, especially dealing with some of the customers. It’s like a poison that runs through my blood. I kept meaning to write down notes during my day, so I can blog about it now, but I didn’t. I tried looking for an app for the Iphone, so I can quickly type my thoughts down. It’s just that, since I am on the sales floor, I can’t really stop and start typing away on my phone.

Like I said, no applications that I know of, can suit my needs. I downloaded an OpenOffice Writer, which I use to type my posts out, before putting them on my site. I could use Google Keep, but I want to have something like this.

But at the same token, I would just be typing bullet points. How would I even convince management that I am not playing on my phone? I have the memory of a goldfish, however!

I know that I was thinking about getting a raise, that didn’t go well, the other day. I started thinking about another favorite person that I lost. I also was dwelling on that stupid parking ticket situation! I honestly cannot afford to have my car towed, on top of the tickets, that I am fighting.

Apparently, I must have a separate permit, but there is nothing on the website that states this. I know I am very paranoid about this situation, because it’s part of my DX. I would really like to avoid going into traffic court, because I am going to be super anxious! Then, I have to take my medication on top of that (normally), so I don’t want people to think I am impaired at all.

My head is just a swirl of thoughts, but its kind of calm at the moment. I do have another post to type out, regarding my other FP, who really meant a lot to me, which I would have liked to become more. When I write the post, you will see the signs were very mixed between us. Oh, then I started thinking about an ex that contacted me, a few months ago, trying to patch things up, to be friends. This being, the long distance gal, but when I tried to message her back, I was blocked, but then unblocked, I let it slide because the emotions were really intense. We shall see how this night plays out…..

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