Previous Idea To Spread Awareness

So this is something that I wrote when I was in NYC,during the marathon. My plan was to hand this to somebody, whether it be on the train or out in public, but never had the guts to. I was in NYC with my sister,who ran the marathon, so we did a lot of walking,subway trips,sight-seeing,etc etc. I will include photos.

Hey! So if you are reading this,allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dominic, and I am testing an idea that popped in my head last night,11-4-2017. To cut to the chase,I am from Philly ,cheering on my sister,who is in the marathon. I am 30 years old and suffer/deal with mental health issues. After a long time of doctor visits and med changes, I was finally diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD for short. Everyday is a new adventure,but I am stumbling along in this life. Oh,my two cats certainly keep me grounded,especially with being a homebody.

I’m sure you are curious as to how you tie into the mix,right? Well,we are all so busy with our own lives,that we don’t really see what strangers are going through. There is always somebody that is willing to talk,text,listen,help,etc.

I get that there are hotlines and all. But my idea would be to get closer to somebody,so there’s a more reliable source,to vent about your day,talk about future goals and dreams,and to see every side of you,as a person.

I’ve been in group therapy a few times, so having somebody that can relate,and to be completely yourself,is comforting. You can vent and get feedback. I’m trying to wrap back to my idea that,someone is always there to listen.

This is extremely rough of an idea,since I can picture it,but not word it,properly. I’d like to share my story,but not hand it out like a flyer,or the same old recycled mess. If the receiver (of this letter) chooses to share their story and offer a hand with support,to somebody else, that would be great!!

If you want somebody to vent to,my number is (blank) . Let’s all help one another out,and spread awareness!

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