Birthday Reflections

I know I haven't posted in a while and that's due to me. I have hit that wall of mine, where I am slipping away from what made me happy. I kind of figured it would happen, based on older entries of mine. I said I would not go anywhere, but I just did. It's... Continue Reading →


Situations, ahh the situations. I have been trying to really dig my heels into a position at work, but it is not working in my favor. I want to move up, and to get a raise. I have to become a department manager to do so. I have asked several times if I can move... Continue Reading →


I've went undergo a med change about a week ago, and it has been quite the experience. Leading up to this, I have be very unstable, which as led to not posting, My moods have been all over the place, and I have not felt the same. Well, no, I always feel the same. I... Continue Reading →

Med changes and mood swings

Hello friends! Today marks about a week and a half that I have been taken off Depakote. It's used for certain psychiatric conditions, such as manic phases of bi-polar. At first, I was rather mad at the doctor''s decision to just abruptly take me off, ALTHOUGH it was my decision. I just was really afraid... Continue Reading →

Stream of emotions

The noise within my head doesn't like to stop. It sounds like popcorn, pop pop pop...... Things are nice and quiet at first. Then things suddenly like to burst! Every emotions takes it's turn to flood out. I cannot stop this awful roundabout. Yes, I might have my calm moments and blanks stares, But I... Continue Reading →


I wrote a short post on my Facebook about my “complaining”, if you will. I have been feeling a lot of emotions as of late, and I really don't know what to do with myself. I wanted to write in my journal but did not have the energy to. I wanted to blog about it... Continue Reading →

Courtship Issues

So there is a topic of concern for me, which has to do with my abandonment issues, I am sure. It has to do with my ability, or lack thereof, wanting a relationship. I have to say that I really am somebody that does want to have a long lasting relationship, but it can be... Continue Reading →

Rambling Podcast

So I haven’t written a blog because I have been dealing with some computer issues. This will be a blog post about electronic mishaps and how I feel like a stupid idiot because that’s just how my BPD is causing me to feel. I’m just going to attach my rambling Podcast to give the summary.... Continue Reading →

Pilot Podcast!

Hello guys! So I was going to make a quick random post, but I need to write it out, aha. Usually, I will write my blogs on OpenOffice and then copy pasta it into the blog. I need the style of THIS, so I can structure this tiny post. This is just to let everybody... Continue Reading →

3.8.18 Possible Podcast

Hello everybody! So I have been noticing a little spike in traffic, which is always a nice thing. I have been trying my best to keep up with the blog, but I had some computer related issues. I literally just fixed the problem, if you can call it that. I don't know what I did,... Continue Reading →

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