Minor stress

I haven’t posted in a few days because I haven’t really felt well, and my stress levels have been through a bit of a roller coaster type of ride. There have been some work related issues that I have been thinking about, which are going to predetermine my overall status within the company. I haven’t had issues with most employees at all, which is always a great thing, but there’s always the bad seed, still. Where, everything that I utter, gets thrown to management for absolutely no reason, when there are far more worse comments coming from this person.

Regarding the meeting, things were brought up, that some didn’t like, which I can totally understand. This is what I meant by, not having many issues with the coworkers that I have made feel uncomfortable. I am hoping that we can move past that event, and just coexist in peace. I certainly don’t want to hold any grudges nor for them to, as they’re not bad as a person at all.

There’s still areas where I have to literally watch what I say, even if it’s in a jokingly manner. People can take things so seriously, and run straight off to upper management, when they have made comments that have been towards inflicting bodily harm, screaming at others, threats in general, etc.

I am not trying to throw them into the wildfire, yet it’s literally a “it’s BS that my comments are child’s play VS your comments.” I plan on informing somebody else, as my current union reps are just not helping at all. Look, I have been trying to take the high road, with trying for a transfer. That’s literally why I plan on this transfer to come through, so I can just leave all of this behind. I honestly don’t like getting others in trouble, despite the opposite. I am trying to work on myself, so I need a new environment for this to actually happen.

I am remaining as positive as I can. I have taken the responsibility for my previous actions, and am glad to be talking to the ones that I have offended. Like I said, they really are good people. We will see what the outcome will be.

For now, I need to nurse myself back to health. Oh, and I need to stop being afraid to post on Social Media, as I was told to “tone in down.” Well, if I link to my blog, it is a way different story, since this is not social media at all. This is a paid site and a site where I can express whatever the hell I want, within reason. I know better to say the name of the business I work for. Unless things get completely out of hand, then the dogs will be unleashed! I’m KIDDING……

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