Meeting is over

There’s just nothing to say about today. Just a lovely lesson well learned, of whom to actually trust. Words said, caused issues, which I understand. Things completely blurred. When it comes to this platform VS social media. I was told to “tone it down a little” when it comes to posting things on social media. Immediately, I proclaimed that they (management, coworkers, union, etc), will not take MY PLATFORM away. I PAID for this domain, this space, this force field, this entity that I claim as mine.

So now, it’s a game of drawing the line. It regarded a picture I posted, months ago, which was found disturbing or wasn’t appreciated. I have seen posts that I don’t agree with, but it just made me think, in general, of how blurred these lines become. Also, in that picture, was an explanation of my DX (to an extent), and an artistic approach.

If you believe in something that I don’t, how many times can I honestly run to

a manager about it, before they say that it’s just too much? Before they advise me to just block the person and stop letting others bother you, which I have personally heard.

I choice my blog over anything, since it can only blossom from here. For others to say, “shit, this has happened to me too.” Or even a “dude, just do etc etc about it and move on.” It’s still going to generate good feedback and conversations with others. Hey, imagine if I had a freelance writing job about how to do something that I don’t even find interesting (true story) , but took the position because it’s a side job / second job? If somebody finds this out, can I be at fault, if it blurs the lines of what they find acceptable?

I’m speaking in general, as I know I have definitely upset more than one person, over the course of 11 years. Which, I’m still sorry about, because I need to learn what my actions can do.

I’m just honestly confused by all of this, as I d\DO want to have respect for others. As I have said aloud:

This space is about mental health

My struggles

How my day went

How work can affect me

How I am feeling / can feel

Future plans

Information about mental health (from my stories)

Connecting with others

Breaking the stigma within the workplace

Breaking the stigma in general

I want big things to happen for this blog and site. I have seen some amazing content on here about mental health, so I am not alone in this, or is it an original thought. I’ve only had this site for a month, I believe, and have put a lot of effort in typing these posts. Lots of blank staring at the computer, to articulate my feelings, or just perfect what I want to say. We just shall see what happens now.

This event is now over and sorted out, so really, there’s nothing more to say about it. I apologize though, again.

* tips hat *

Photo by Armando Arauz on Unsplash

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