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I guess this is just a small little update. I know this shouldn’t be that big of a deal, or even mentioned. Not in any bad way, but in a “we know this already.”

I just want it to be known, on the record, that I am safe and I am not in any danger to myself nor the public. I bring this up because of this meeting, and some ideas being put in my head (not by co-workers). Just a bunch of “they could say you can do XYZ because of your condition”. Sadly, they know of my mental health, to an extent, because of taking leaves of absences.

Now, I don’t want this blog to be thrown in my face. I’m hoping there is no “we seen your blog, soooo yeah.” Look, my blog is my creation and prototype, which could turn into good things. It’s to express emotions, struggles, thoughts, reactions, how situations affect me, how I dealt with them and how work can be a stressor. It’s to inform others that mental health issues should be taken a bit more seriously.

It seems like a contradictory situation, since I may talk about self harm and all that fun stuff. Work (if seen) my see this as a negative thing, which okay, I understand, completely! But I am not going to censor my content. I know when to get help, how to control myself in public. We don’t just start doing X self harm behavior in front of people. That’s the stigma! I feel there’s so much to be said on that topic.

I haven’t done anything in a while, thank you very much. I won’t do anything stupid in front of people, and this is a battle between me and myself. I wouldn’t even take it out on anybody else, so there’s that. So, as I’m railroading my thoughts away, please don’t think my blog is trying to be negative. I don’t always hate work during my shift, and that’s not the main topic! To bash work, that is.

If anything comes up about my mental health, which I’m presuming this “meeting” is about, I will just tell them that my team’s got this. I know they are just concerned about why I want a transfer, which I will explain, but no mental health stuff. I’m actually not that anxious about it, but we shall see. I appreciate the support I’ve gotten, even if it’s just a read.

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  1. Always have my support my friend. Text me bud, we’ll get through this together. Fuck what any negative assholes say. Don’t censor yourself, your blog, and ESPECIALLY yourself. Be you bud.

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