So my name is Dominic and I have been fighting mental health issues since I was 18 years old. I am currently 30 years old and have finally been probably diagnosed with: Major depression, generalized anxiety, borderline personality disorder (bi-polor runs in the family too), intermittent explosive disorder and autism spectrum disorder. Well I’m on the spectrum.

As I posted on my personal FB about this blog is:
I am gonna have a blog and FB page. All centering around issues that nobody talks about, but should. It could save lives! That is my goal, to create a safe environment. There will be opportunities to share your stories, which you can definitely be anonymous about. You just give me the “okay” to share your story,with a name attached to it. I’ll make it so I can get y’all involved by sending a photo or something. So yeah, personal stories and experiences by me, articles about disorders,other people’s stories and just healing! This isn’t easy, so I will not sugar-coat things at all. We will stumble and fall but we will get up, or at least crawl.

I really hope that we can all grow together and help one another!

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  1. Hey Dominic 🙂 nice introduction. I have been struggling with mental health issues since I was 18, as well. I hope things get better for us. Take care.

    1. Thank you! I think that we have to crawl before we can even take baby steps, I did see your post about BPD being treatable, which is true. Sometimes it takes a lot to contain the little gremlin inside, and medication, aha! I’m always here for any support!

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