Howdy y’all !

So I know there were just one or two followers that where still on my old site, which is totally fine! What I did notice was that a post was reblogged (YAY!!)

What I did NOT KNOW is that having a self hosted site with WordPress enabled, is that this function is not available.  * *shakes fist in the air!* * 

I also noticed that my menus were not complete, at the top of my page. I was only missing two categories, but that was a big deal when I discovered it. I like things to be perfect, dammit! You’ll also notice that my social media is on the top menu too! The two Facebook icons are not a mistake at all, as one is my personal one. I only plan to keep that up, until the Fan Page can gain more traction.

I also set up a “share this” button, along with the “like” button. I put all the social media outlets that it would allow me, so that was it can simulate “reblogging”? Yeah, we can go with that, right? Right.  This wasn’t the post I wanted to create, BUT I am glad that I caught this issue.

Now, I do have several categories: Depression,Anxiety,etc. Then I also have an “Information about” menu. As of right now, I like the split of this, as I can write about things that produce these emotions WITHOUT confusing anybody, thinking it is actual information.

“What the hell does this poem about Depression teach me about Depression? Gosh darn it, I wasted my time……. Great poem, but time wasted.”

I certainly apologize for this slip up!! I want to make this site as streamlined as possible. I cannot find a way to create a drop-down menu for the menus, but I am okay with this! I am sure the Widgets could do this, but I wasn’t about that life LOL.

Thank you, again!! I really hope you all are enjoying the content on my site. I am very open to opinions and suggestions! As another fellow blogger is doing, I would love to get others to tell their stories.

Breaking the stigma, one blog post at a time!!

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