Important Notice!!

Hello, my beautiful loves!   

I just want to make a quick announcement that I am switching sites!! I did plan to do this from the beginning, but I was waiting for a friend to hook me up to his server. I moved all of my blog entries (and hopefully all the stats) to the new site.

This will be the NEW site, which obviously is the same, minus the “wordpress” within it LOL. I do apologize if there is any confusion!! 

I did not want to stop writing while my friend was setting this up, as I need to do something to keep my BPD friend at bay. Hiiiiisssss!  Oh, I have cats, so I will showboat them in the future.

I’m going to post this on the NEW site as well, and going forward, this site will lay dormant.

WordPress is installed on the new domain and server, so things should be the same. Might be a learning curve, because it’s MY actual site. I also need to respect my friend’s server, as he was super kind to let me use it! Tears of joy, for sure!

MANY THANKS for understanding, and viewing my blog, thus far!! <333  

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