I’ve went undergo a med change about a week ago, and it has been quite the experience. Leading up to this, I have be very unstable, which as led to not posting, My moods have been all over the place, and I have not felt the same. Well, no, I always feel the same. I cannot escape the feelings that I have. There are situations that can make my emotions go completely haywire, which is always great fun!

I was recently put on a higher dose of my Seroquel, which is to prevent some manic type of events. BPD can have constant mood swings, ranging from really high to really low, allm throughout the day. Just imagine not being able to control your emotions everyday. Somethings it can be a benefit, as crazy as that sounds!

Always, the new dose has made me feel really sleepy! I like to goto bed at a certain time, so I will sometimes forget to take it. You can only imagine how that makes me feel in the early morning! I have slept through alarms, which I never do. I know that I will eventually get used to it.

Other than that, I have another appointment coming up, to discuss how the medication is treating me. I think it is making me feel a little bit level headed, but I still have my moments! I am hoping that we are coming to a resolution on what is going to really work for me!

That is all that I have for tonight, as I feel pretty calm at the moment. I am trying to take steps in the right direction, and I’m finally giving up with being so hopeless! I want to take control of my life again!

Here’s to a successful plan and med arrangement!!

Photo by Andrea Reiman on Unsplash

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