Exciting Opportunities

Certainly some exciting news, tonight! I have been talking to my friend who has let me use his server, to host my site, and he may have a writing job for me! Well, it will probably be along the lines of blogging, which I have been doing. Obviously, I am grateful for any opportunity that can keep my mind busy!

The back story of it is: I used to write on two of his blogs before, when I was 25, but I was all over the place, when it came to things to do. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to write on his blogs, as I did have quite a few great blogs, and I didn’t notice how well the traffic was. I guess I was expecting it to form into a job, which is a selfish thought, when it comes to the diagnosis. We had two blogs: one for iOS and Android.

I am self-taught when it comes to all of the techy stuff, so I thought I did a fantastic job at explaining things, when it came to beginner stuff. I am not bias when it comes to both operating systems, as I have used both. I currently have an Iphone 8+ , after retiring an LG V30. Crazy, right? Well, I have been on iOS for quite some time now, so it actually is a struggle to get back on Android, but I do have a spare Android phone(s) aha. I might get another one during income tax time, but that’s moving away from the topic.

I really do enjoy writing now, as I can get things out in the open. I don’t think it will be a task when it comes to writing on those other two sites. My ADD kicks in, so sometimes I don’t wanna post, but I do, if that makes sense? I honestly think my ADD won the battle, a few years ago, and I just stopped writing on the blogs. It was my idea to start the blogs back up, since I have the time.

I do work part-time at a grocery store, but I can dedicate time for the blogs. I just need to put myself on a schedule, so I don’t burn myself out. Yet, this is why I like having my blog (and community) so I can avoid that burn out feeling. I can vent and all that fun stuff, which will make me feel better. I never put myself on a time frame, so that would be a healthy step for me!

Going forward, I will be constantly looking for ways to improve my writing. I will try to figure out a way to support myself through blog writing, and quit the job that I hate. Things can only snowball from here, in a good way! Ironically, I do have a therapy session, tomorrow. So this will be a great POSITIVE thing to discuss.

Once the two other blogs are functional again, I will share the links, for anybody that would love to see. It’s meant for the beginner, but I will have more advanced guides. The Android site had another writer, so I will have to get some guidance from my friend, on where he wants it to go. I also don’t have admin permissions. BUT the iOS site, I have full admin permissions, and I believe I did all the writing. I only updated the plug-ins and themes. I have to look through all the spam comments. That site, I’m sure I can pick up where I dropped it off at.

I’m excited for the future!!

IphoneCredit: ME! 😀

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