Today has been a relevantly okay day. I had to work overnight, and that can be a breeding ground for my thoughts and feelings. I can have these thoughts that are so arresting to me, but I know I have the power to get away from them.

As much as I would love to dwell on these feelings within this post, I don’t think I’m going to at all. I would really like to try a lot harder at controlling my thoughts, and being able to spin them around. I want to keep some people close and others, away. This is not a bad thing at all! I tend to overshare in work, and it can get me in some jams. Although I can jam myself on here, I shouldn’t worry about it, like I was.

I am separating the two, as best as possible. I am allowed to talk about the job and how it effects me, and I should be aware of what could happen. Yet, if I only ramble on about mental health issues and how I feel, without putting a PLACE to it, everything will be right in the world.

I think I will start researching about coping skills and how to use them, properly. I will put my own twist to it, and see what works and what doesn’t. My blogging helps, and I shouldn’t feel paranoid to share it on my social media. This will all be a new experience for me, as I never really tried this stuff.

I have so many packets from my old therapist and group therapist. I have the internet and this lovely community to help me out. Any tips and tricks would certainly be lovely! I want to know how y’all cope in situations.

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