In Good Spirits

Welcome to 2019, where I am 11 days late! I have no excuses as to why I don't write as much as I used to. But it's great to have this platform around! Right now, I'm in a really positive mood. I have been doing on this little journey to be more holistic with my... Continue Reading →


So I can't remember what year, but I have been modifying my phones since 2010. That might actually be the year, as I started with the Droid X, which was released 2010. I understand people don't do it, just because, and I respect that. For me though, it opened up a whole new world. Rooting... Continue Reading →

Money Woes

I'd like to talk about the stresses of living paycheck to paycheck. The twist here is, the mental health aspect. People may not understand how it's different from somebody without such aliments. For me, it drives up my anxiety, fear of losing everything and being a failure. I mean, I am certainly sure that other... Continue Reading →


Hello all ! So it's just been a crazy journey for me. I know that I made a post regarding the meds that I am on, but I would like to revisit it. I was on Zyprexa before, but I stopped taking it. Mainly because of the way that it was making me feel. Although,... Continue Reading →

Spectrum Awareness

Being on the Spectrum is not something that I talk about when it comes to my mental health. It's not that I do not wish to speak about it, but something has come to light, that makes me feel the need to express it, and maybe dive a little bit about how it effects me.... Continue Reading →

New Meds

I feel like I need to write something, so that I feel like I have accomplished something with my day. I am going to take about my switch of medications, and how it has effected me. I have only taken it for about a month, so take that into account, please. I was on a... Continue Reading →


You’re the reason why trusting another human is impossible. Now all I have is this chronicle of disaster. Outsiders would assume you were a mate. But that’s not the case, because we didn’t date. You were a “favorite person’ who consumed some of my time. Oh, how I am so blind. My heart wanted to... Continue Reading →

Birthday Reflections

I know I haven't posted in a while and that's due to me. I have hit that wall of mine, where I am slipping away from what made me happy. I kind of figured it would happen, based on older entries of mine. I said I would not go anywhere, but I just did. It's... Continue Reading →


Situations, ahh the situations. I have been trying to really dig my heels into a position at work, but it is not working in my favor. I want to move up, and to get a raise. I have to become a department manager to do so. I have asked several times if I can move... Continue Reading →


I've went undergo a med change about a week ago, and it has been quite the experience. Leading up to this, I have be very unstable, which as led to not posting, My moods have been all over the place, and I have not felt the same. Well, no, I always feel the same. I... Continue Reading →

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