Blank Inside

I feel as though I have absolutely no emotions left for this current situation that is playing out. As somebody said to me today “is everything okay? You look like you're blank inside.” I guess that really is the perfect way to describe this situation then? I started this blog for personal reasons, to raise... Continue Reading →

Seeking Validation

Validation by definition: the action of checking or proving the validity or accuracy of something. For me, and I cannot speak for all BPD sufferers: I lacked this validation. I would do whatever I could do to find a way to seek any type of reassurance, in a positive, and sometimes, negative way. The blaming... Continue Reading →

I’m sorry

I decided to unfriend coworkers from Facebook. It seems that my last post stirred up some backhanded posts, which okay, I can understand. Yet, I was explaining how I felt. I don't use my DX has a crutch because I have been like this for years and years. I properly got diagnosed last year? Or... Continue Reading →

Semi Timeline Of My Day.

Let's take a stroll down the cycles of emotion that happen on a daily basis. We will backtrack throughout the day. It is now 3:54pm and the waves of sadness are intense. I'm trying to listen to music that would usually shift my mood, but it's not helping. I am on the verge of tears.... Continue Reading →

BPD Mood Swings

The mood swings associated with Borderline Personality Disorder can be really intense. To state some symptoms, that I covered before, are as followed: "Intense anger that they [sic] have trouble controlling • Paranoid thoughts. • Extreme sensitivity to perceived rejection and abandonment. • Feelings of emptiness. • Inability to self-soothe. • Feeling dissociated from oneself,... Continue Reading →

BPD Trust

Over the years, I have been a little naive when it comes to the whole trusting aspect of people. I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Not everybody is out to get me, at least I hope not. Yet I always take this issue with a grain of salt! You see,... Continue Reading →

Terrible Day

I'm having a really tough day today. It has been filled with just pure sadness and some BPD rage outbursts. This whole centralized around my work day, but I'm sure it will carry into the night. It started out by a coworker coming in and getting more hours then me. I have more seniority over... Continue Reading →

Lose of a Favorite Person

So today I would like to talk more about the “Favorite Person” aspect of BPD. Since this blog is not by a “professional”, I can only give y'all my thoughts. There's your disclaimer, folks! Losing a FP is a serious ordeal for anybody with BPD. We cling to these individuals for emotion support, validation and... Continue Reading →

About BPD

Hello folks! I noticed today, that I really give an sort of definition to what Borderline Personality is, and my thoughts on the matter. Obviously this is what my blog is centered around. Oh, and I have my own domain, that will be coming very soon! 😀 I am just waiting for my friend to... Continue Reading →

Favorite Person (In my words)

The topic of discussion will be about having a “Favorite Person” or FP for short. Below is a description that I found, and I will elaborate my own thoughts on this topic. “The term "Favorite Person" is not used to describe a person who is close to you, like a "best friend". Rather, an FP... Continue Reading →

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