Cannot Control Others

As I sit here, trying to figure out the words needed for this blog post, I am coming up short of the mark. The topic of discussion is how we cannot control the way that other people are in life, and that we can’t control them at all. No amount of pushing can change how somebody else can view things unless they have an open mind. I think that is the strongest point here because without having an open mind, you really have a limited perspective.

There are so many things is this life that will challenges other people’s perspective. Religion, politics, etc. Personally, I don’t dive into these topics because it’s just a stressful time, and nobody will have fun. On the same token though, if you have a person that is willing to listen to everything you say and RESPECT it, you can have a great time.

Now, if you have somebody that completely stands their ground, it will be hard to change their mind. It will be so difficult to control that situation, so we can feel less anxious. Essentially, trying to control somebody else. It’s not possible to do, unless they are willing to see your side of the coin.

I guess the main point, which I can’t physically get out, even though I can within my mind is: just stay away from situations like this. I’m learning in therapy to stop blaming others for things out of my control. To take responsibility for MY actions and thoughts. If somebody disagrees with me, that’s fine. I have to learn how to deal with it in a manner that’ll be soothing to me. Not to get all snappy and blame them for what they feel is right in their mind.

I’m far from “getting it”, as I have much to learn in this department. I’m learning that there are aspects in life where I will be defeated, and that has to be okay. I need to look at my complaints differently, as well as present them differently (to my therapist and myself). Taking ownership of my actions will be a difficult task, and I have to know that I can’t control other people. If they don’t like me, agree with me, think I am not capable: the list can go on and on.

I can only control myself and my life, hoping that others will try to understand me.

Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

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