I’m sure this HAS to tie into my DX, somehow because these aren’t normal traits at all. I get bored, lack interest in everything and avoid. I have no idea why I do these things but it happens on a daily basis. I think it’s even happened when I have been in work too. Yeah, it has defiantly happened in work too, because that is just my personality. It’s nothing new or anything like that. More so, an inconvenience to myself.

There are many times that I struggle to even type out a blog post because I will avoid it. It is not that I don’t enjoy this masterpiece of my own! It’s simply because…I don’t know! It drives me absolutely insane on good days. I will literally have an internal battle within my head about it.

This goes for everything else too, which I will try to paint the picture. If I want to read a book, knowing I haven’t read in a long time, I will be like “yup, another hour won’t hurt.” Before I know it, I just keep pushing that hour back, more and more. It will eventually be “too late” to read and I would have won that battle! No idea what battle I’m trying to win, or what will happen if I stay up past my bedtime, which is “too late.”

I get bored really easy when it comes to work related things too, which is fine to talk about, since I’m sure is DX related (ADD-ADHD). Hmm, maybe I answered my own blog post, at this juncture. At any rate, I will just get really bleh about a task and try finding some way to make it interesting. If I cannot, I get trapped inside my head. BUT sometimes I get trapped in my head because of other reasons, which I will talk about, some time later.

Trust me, these issues happen all the time, regardless of anything! I can be watching a movie and suddenly want to research computer parts, cat toys, whatever! I wanna read that really interesting book that I researched for an hour, avoiding the previous task of whatever it was, but I keep putting it off. I don’t use it as a crutch because this has always been me. I’ve taken so long to complete blog posts because I will do something else. My therapist finally noticed my ADD behavior….even though I have BEEN diagnosed with it, for several years.

Am I alone in this? Oh, I will zone out on people too, by the way. That is always fun! Try having a serious conversation with somebody while you are wondering what you are gonna do with your day, what’s new in the phone modding world, why X person said that to you in that weird tone, etc etc. Not to be confused with dissociating, because I know that one, all too well. Let me know good techniques on how to focus, please and thank you!

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