Birthday Reflections

I know I haven’t posted in a while and that’s due to me. I have hit that wall of mine, where I am slipping away from what made me happy. I kind of figured it would happen, based on older entries of mine. I said I would not go anywhere, but I just did. It’s healthy to write about what’s going on in my life, but I am afraid that nobody wants to hear it.

There is always something going on with me, which is a bad thing. Although, the most recent, a med change, has been interesting. I feel like a zombie, and can’t seem to get used to it. I had to go through hell, in order to get the medication too.

Work has been work. There are several complaints that I can say, but nothing will get done.I keep hearing the “why does it concern you” line. Well when you see people advancing before you, they have let time in then you and you’re constantl giving 100% , how can you feel?

It was my birthday, yesterday. I have been reflecting on these past 30 years that have cruised by. I’m 31, but I obviously have not lived 31 WHOLE years. Is that a shower thought? You’re X amount of years but only technically lived minus 1 of those days? Anyways, I went for a stroll around Penn’s Landing and branched out of my comfort zone.

I do not know what this year will bring, but I just want to be more stable. I want medication that doesn’t make me really tired. I want to start some new project, that I will really love. I just have so much to think about, and still have so much to figure out…..

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