The air seems a bit more crisp.

The mind is a bit more at bliss.

I feel a bit more alive and vibrant.

Usually I would think, this time, can’t….

Can’t fathom such waves of calmness.

Feeling the need to express the daily adventures taking place.

This place, this space, this…THIS!

I really don’t ever want to replace.

I want to hold on to this nostalgia.

The ghost that once was…

Was me, in another time.

Deciding to finally come back and climb, back inside of this hollowed body.

You see, nobody could make this being feel whole again.

But then, then a string of events took place.

It’s doing it’s damnest to erase,

The pain, the sadness, the broken soul that is, me.

Slowly I can see….

Life, nature, positivity, meaning.

This progress is slowly weaning…

The darkmess, the negative, the demons that dwell.

I want to banish them back to their hell.

To embrace my former ghost.

To let it invite me to see everything that I hoped,

That hopes and dreams can honestly come true.

I gaze up to stare at the sky, blue.

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