3.8.18 Possible Podcast

Hello everybody!

So I have been noticing a little spike in traffic, which is always a nice thing. I have been trying my best to keep up with the blog, but I had some computer related issues. I literally just fixed the problem, if you can call it that.

I don’t know what I did, but a good whack to the top of it, made it start working again. I have a water cooled system, so it is not the best, when it comes to trouble shooting issues. I think I just need a bigger case or something like that. My hard drive finally died, probably for good. Although, the computer doesn’t want to accept a Windows USB, which is strange. Oh, I have a dual boot Hackintosh.

If it weren’t for the Hackintosh, I would be so screwed. I can still see everything on the hard drive. It just doesn’t feel like booting up, or accepting anything to do with it. I honestly think the motherboard is gonna go, because it would not boot at all! Not even to the BIOS. I would have typed all of this out on my phone, which I should think will happen….

BUT I wanna start up a Podcast, which was a project that I let sit dormant, due to not having money. BUT I believe I can get the few supplies that I would need, which is just a Mic and an adapter for my headphones. My brother wants to be the cohost of this Podcast. It’ll be interesting because he hinted on the idea of the blog, talking about mental health and trying to interview people. Yet, as I am doing with the blog now, I am just talking about my day or whatever.

It’s a lovely trait to have, since I can turn around at the flip of a coin and want to blog about cooking,cleaning,memes,etc. So I think the concept of the Podcast needs to be structured a little bit. I told my brother that he has to brush up on his tech skills. Well, I sent a tutorial over his way and said to watch all of it. I mean, we might not be able to be in the same space, but we can Skype the Podcast and I piece it together. He’d need a Mic and some headphones, to tune his voice.

I actually wanted to put a mini sample of the Podcast on this blog entry, but with the whole computer issue, I just am over tech for the night, ahah. Well, the call to action here is: If you want to be a part of the Podcast, let me know! You can call in or record a snapshot of your mental health story (if you wanna be anonymous and not talk in depth about it.)

Thanks so much for reading my blog and staying along for this ride! Who knows where it may end up next. I am trying my best to write, and not destroy my computer in the process. I was gonna rebuilt then get the gear. I’ll keep everybody up to date! :]

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