Today was a relatively calm day, to say the least. It’s nearly 1:30pm and I already have to start getting ready for bed. I have to work the overnight shift, so that is the reasoning behind the early bedtime. I had to work this morning as well, and I really don’t like doing so. It always feels like I haven’t gotten any sleep at all.

I had to do the manager’s reports, which was not that big of an issue. I had a few notes on how to do them, along with training. I am more a visual person, however. I know it’s a bad trait, but I try taking snapshots within my head, of all the important parts.I did the same thing when I was in school, and it worked out, for the most part. I believe I did a good job with the reports, as I did not get any emails that expressed any errors on my part.

I am feeling anxious about tonight’s overnight shift though, as I have to do some of the second person’s tasks, as they are not going to be in. I know what to do, but it’s a matter of getting all of my work done, then getting on the other tasks. I really do not like staying over my shift, yet I know it will happen. If I stress myself out too much, I will only panic and speed through everything.

You would think that speeding through would be great, but I don’t know how much sleep I will get today. I am unaware of how much work will be on my plate either. Pressure is not my strongest suit to wear, although I can try wearing it as best as possible. There’s a possibility that this coworker will come in, but I’d want them to enjoy whatever they had planned out VS coming into work.

That is the outline of my day, folks. I will be taking my meds soon, which put me to sleep and calm me (thank goodness). I’ll put some good tunes on, and try my best to not let my anxiety make me stumble during this shift.

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